Review: Jason and the Argonauts

by Alex, 2nd Year


Ancient Greece – where Greece is… but a long time ago!


Jason and the Argonauts was a hilarious play with 17 actors aged between 11 and 14, one amazing director (who also acted as a choreographer), many fabulous audience members, three songs, a fire-breathing dragon, a Golden Fleece, and Dobbin the  imaginary horse.


In this production I played the role of Jason and I have had great fun in rehearsals and in performances. We had six weeks of rehearsals, most of which have been either after school on Mondays or on Wednesday afternoons in the Drama Workshop activity.


We couldn’t have had this much fun, or put together such a fantastic performance, without the aid of the wonderful Miss Egar, Head of Drama. I would like to say a huge thank you to her, all the tech crew and others working behind the scenes and all who came and watched!


I hope you enjoyed our most exciting and adventurous expedition of all ages. We certainly did!


You can see some pictures from the production in our gallery.