Reuben Kicks off Reading Stars

Avid literature fan Reuben in Year 4 is the first pupil to receive a Reading Stars award at Truro Prep School.


The English Department at Truro Prep School has introduced Reading Stars, a reading incentive scheme for Years 3-6, to promote a wide range of reading-related activities. Pupils can receive a star for reading books in over twenty categories, genres and styles. A breadth of reading is encouraged in a bingo style format, where four stars in a row can win a bookmark; a full house receives a certificate and pencil, and the owner of a completed three sided card can claim an award and prizes of books. Children also have the opportunity to present book reviews to their class and create videos or podcasts to recommend titles to friends.


Reuben has raced to the first Bronze Award, received for reading eight books since March; delivering a short speech to promote his favourite story, and creating a stop motion animation book review.


In the long term it is hoped the scheme will encourage children to read widely and beyond their favourite genres and help introduce them to a wide and varied literary diet in preparation for Truro School.


Reading Incentive Scheme Card PDF