Reflective Spaces at Truro Pre-Prep

On Thursday 19 June, Truro Pre-Prep was visited by Reflective Spaces, who came for a day to talk to the children about being reflective and considering feelings, values and thinking about other people.


Through a number of activities such as a Thank You Table, a reflection corner and a shredder for placing things to be sorry about, children had the opportunity to learn and think about themselves, understanding consequences of actions, building their self-esteem and reflecting on the world and its diversities all in an inclusive, creative, accessible, interactive, calm, safe and fun way.


Presented from a broadly Christian perspective, Reflective Spaces are appropriate for people of all faiths or none, as they encourage children to reflect on various aspects of life: giving thanks, saying sorry, forgiving others, letting go of bad feelings, thinking about others who are less fortunate in this country and across the world, asking big questions, being still, giving an opportunity for dreams about the future and much more.