Reception visit Trelissick

In the Pre-Prep we strongly believe that school trips enhance our learning and help our pupils learn in exciting and creative ways. Reception’s trip to Trelissick was no exception and was a day of new experiences for some of our youngest pupils.


After an exceptionally stormy night we left in true Pre-Prep fashion to blue skies and sunshine. Their very first journey on the school mini buses was met with great excitement and much chatter. Some of our pupils were extremely eager to sample their first school packed lunch on arrival, but the offer of a piece of fruit and a biscuit seemed to distract them! Then it was on with the forest school overalls and off to do some serious exploring.


Tom, the Head Gardener at Trelissick, took us on a fascinating tour of the gardens. We all found out so much  – ask Mrs Millne why a ‘ha-ha’ has that name! The children listened, climbed, touched and explored, asked loads of questions and thoroughly immersed themselves in the experience. We found out how to make apple juice and that the apple pulp is called cheese. We searched for magnolia seed pods and found lots of the tiny orange seeds. We even discovered that it takes the whole of Reception to make a circle around the trunk of a particular tree! We walked and walked, without a murmur of dissent, with every child fully engaged and eagerly investigated everything we came across.


We sat on the steps at the front of the house and ate our well-deserved packed lunches in the sunshine, to the delight of the many visitors at the gardens. Our children were impeccably behaved; they were polite, held doors open for adults and answered any questions beautifully. You can imagine how very proud I felt of each and every one of them. The afternoon was spent using our now empty lunch bags to collect autumn treasures. Again, every child delighted in this and took much time and care in selecting which items to put in their bags.

All too soon it was time to climb back on the minibuses but the learning experience will continue back in the Pre-Prep, as Tom kindly gave us an apple tree to plant in our own outdoor area. We will also use our treasures and experiences to inform our learning over the next few weeks.


Sarah Hudson

Head of Pre-Prep