Reception Visit Feadon Farm

Harvest mice, shrews, ferrets, bats, goats, chickens, donkeys, squirrels, owls… the list goes on. Phew! Reception quite simply had a fabulous time at Feadon Farm on Thursday 14 November when we travelled, armed with the wet weather gear, ready for a wildlife adventure come rain or shine.


Every part of the day proved to be a hit; from travelling on a big bus to flying falconry birds, and even stroking friendly foxes. We were all thrilled to meet the reindeer and hear the exciting news that Father Christmas had recently visited the farm to check on their behaviour.


Here are some of our favourite amazing facts that we learnt whilst on our trip:


  • Toads have no oesophagus muscle in their mouths, so they cannot swallow. Instead they use pressure caused by the eyes moving down to force prey down their throat.
  • Reindeer make a unique clicking sound when they walk, similar to castanets. This enables them to differentiate between other reindeer and potential predators.
  • Hedgehog spines are actually hollow hairs made stiff with keratin.


A huge thank you goes out to Gary and Alyson Zammit, who took our classes on a passionate and enthusiastic wildlife exploration of our natural world.


Mr Lovett