Real World Maths Project

The University of Exeter, in conjunction with Truro School and Truro College are currently running a series of Real World Maths workshops for Year 13 students from across the county who are studying Maths and Further Maths A level. This is a fantastic opportunity for students who are interested in Mathematics, Sciences and Engineering. The aim of the workshops is for students to study real world maths, developing solutions using computational methods and investigating real life problems from a mathematical perspective.
They are working alongside Prof. Stuart Townley, Dr Markus Mueller, post-doc students and of course, other students attending the workshops. Support will also be on hand in between workshops from their Mathematics departments. Over the course of this academic year students will investigate two problems, one in the Autumn term on Climate Change and one in the Spring looking at how things spread.
Progress Update
During the first session held at Truro School in September, students were introduced to the problem, discussed the factors affecting climate change and the governing equations. Students were then able to use Python to start developing a numerical solution, which they continued to work on between sessions.
At the second session, held last week, students continued to develop their solution and add further complexity to their model. Students will now need to write up their work in the format of an academic poster to be submitted in January with prizes available for the best work.
All students have made incredible progress in just over a month and we look forward to seeing their posters presented in April at a conference at the ESI building at the Penryn Campus of the University of Exeter. Students from Year 12 and Year 11 will be invited to attend this conference to see the work that has taken place over the year, with the Year 12 students invited to take part next year.