Question Time in the Burrell Theatre

On Friday 17 January, a number of Sixth Form students took part in what was the second edition of Question Time, in the Burrell Theatre.


Based on the popular BBC show of the same name, panellists Connor Donnithorne, Valeria Duca, Oliver Holdsworth, Christopher Lightfoot and Samantha-Jayne Millington discussed topical issues in front of a live audience.


The topics of debate included whether life punishment should mean ‘imprisonment for the remainder of a criminal’s life’, whether raising university fees was the right thing to do and if the UK should have open-doors immigration.


Host and organiser of the event, Jack Harvey, said: “The first edition, to a small audience, received such good reviews that we were booked again within days.”


“We were overjoyed to be able to do this again, and to discuss themes that we feel are really relevant to the Sixth Form, especially as many of the students will all be able to vote in general elections by the time they depart the school.”


After opinions were put forward by the panellists, the audience had the opportunity to ask questions and put their own ideas forward.


Panellist Connor Donnithorne commented: “It was an event of great participation, one where pressing issues were discussed in front of students, by students, for students. Such a debate is very important in the face of the upcoming European elections in May.”


Mark Huckle, Head of Religious Education, said that such an event would “increase the political literacy of the school”.


The panellists hope to host a final swansong edition in the last term before the Sixth Form’s examinations begin.


You can see more pictures from Truro School Sixth Form’s Question Time in our gallery.