Public Schools’ Fencing Championships

In the team events at last week’s Public Schools’ Fencing Champs, Truro School finished 2nd in the Pearson Cup, 3rd in both the Johnson Cup and the Whitgift Cup and once again we claimed gold in the Brian Howes Sabre trophy, cementing Truro School as the best Public School at sabre fencing in the country.




Boys’ Mount-Haes Foil (103)

Eoghan Cromie 7th, Sam Boorne 30th and Bertie Holdsworth 90th


Boys’ Mount-Haes Epee (93)

Eoghan Cromie 8th, Bertie Holdsworth 31st, Luke Haynes 58th and Sam Boorne 89th


Boys’ Mount-Haes Sabre (48)

Bertie Holdsworth 1st, Sam Boorne 3rd, Luke Haynes 5th and Eoghan Cromie 16th


Boys’ Senior Epee (94)

Toby Harvey 65th


Boys’ Junior Foil (129)

Jamie Craze 31st Conall Cromie 43rd and Alex Boote 59th


Boys’ Junior Epee (136)

Conall Cromie 6th and Alex Boote 53rd


Boys’ Junior Sabre (69)

Jamie Craze 1st, Conall Cromie 17th and Alex Boote 18th


Girls’ Junior Foil (53)

Maria Chart 12th and Caitlin Maxwell 16th


Girls’ Junior Epee (61)

Maria Chart 17thand Caitlin Maxwell 28th


Girls’ Junior sabre (34)

Maria Chart 3rd and Caitlin Maxwell 3rd


Lucy Jupp

Fencing Coach