Professor AC Grayling: Why the Humanities?

Yesterday, Truro School welcomed guest lecturer Professor AC Grayling, Master of New College of the Humanities, for the school’s inaugural Year 11 and 12 Higher Education Partnership lecture.


Throughout the day, he spoke to a number of GCSE and Sixth Form students from around Cornwall who are considering studying Higher Education in Humanities and Arts subjects.


In his talk – Why the Humanities? – Professor Grayling discussed the true value of studying human history, culture and society and the positive impact these studies can have when thinking critically about our future. He spoke of the ‘conversation’ that humanity has with itself on a daily basis and asked the ultimate question: “What is it, to be human?”


Professor Grayling has written and edited over 30 books on philosophy and other subjects. His academic work is supplemented by frequent contributions to The Observer, Independent on Sunday, Times Literary Supplement, and The New Statesman, and he is an equally frequent broadcaster on BBC Radio and the World Service.


Deputy Headmaster, Nick Fisher, said: “As funding is increasingly cut from Humanities degrees, it is becoming more important than ever to understand why we should study these subjects and why our lives depend on the opportunities they offer. A huge thank you to Professor Grayling for his time and incredible insight into the Humanities.”


The evening lecture to parents, students and governors was followed by supper in the Heseltine Gallery, where Head of Art Dave Meads hosted a gallery viewing of the Worlds of Clay Exhibition.


It is hoped this will be the first of a series of annual lectures for students and teachers, focussing on a different aspect of Higher Education each year.


You can see more pictures from the day in our gallery.