Date Posted... Oct 7th 2016



Prep Head's Blog – 7 October

This term, we have been reflecting on how we like to be treated and how we should treat others. After lots of honest feedback from every child in Prep, we have arrived at a set of agreements; five of these focus on how we will treat each other and five of these outline behaviours that we will try very hard to avoid.

I have put these into the following format that will be displayed around the school. I am hoping that some of our more artistic children will attempt to make them look more attractive! How we treat each other, as a whole school community, is crucial in ensuring a happy, secure environment where everyone feels safe and where all may thrive.

A reminder that we will have our Harvest Festival Celebration this Sunday in the Truro School Chapel at 10 30; I hope that you will be able to join with us so we can celebrate this special time of the year together.