Prep School Chamber Choir Awarded Best Performance on the National Stage

On Wednesday 8 July a talented group of students from Truro Prep School performed at the National Music for Youth Festival 2015. Led by the talented and enthusiastic Angela Renshaw, they performed with characteristic brilliance at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall.
As part of a programme of seven competing choirs from around the country, Truro Prep delivered three contrasting pieces. The boys and girls showed 100% commitment and delivered a moving piece which they sang in Cornish followed by the heartfelt “Sing to Me” before their entertainingly witty finale of “Peace on Earth … And Lots of Little Crickets”.
Following months of hard-work and commitment, not to mention the long journey to Birmingham, the students were rewarded with the title of Best Performance. This success is a reminder of their achievement two years ago when they were rewarded with the Most Innovative Performance award. It is also worthy of note that three of the winning team that performed this year previously enjoyed success two years ago.
After hearing the good news, Mr Fisher, Deputy Headmaster at Truro School, said:

“This award is a tribute to Angela’s outstanding teaching and mentoring. She has proven that she can successfully develop a loyal team of performers from a number of the younger year groups, maintaining an excellent standard every year.”

Special Thanks

This year’s success was well supported by the creative talent of the accompanist Steve Hawker who introduced some highly original percussion and background sounds that helped lift the Chamber Choir to glory. Mr and Mrs Gregory were also on hand with Mrs Gregory helping with the warm-up and Mr Gregory taking some excellent pictures. Mrs Eva has also been an asset to the team, supporting numerous rehearsal sessions and encouraging the students throughout. Last but not least, a big thank you goes to the enthusiastic group of parents who trekked up to Birmingham to lend supportive ears and hearty applause.
In a tribute from the adjudicator, Richard Frostick, Mrs Renshaw was congratulated for her musical arrangement and choreography. We thank Mrs Renshaw and Steve Hawker for continuing their musical mission to maintain and raise the profile of Truro Prep School.

Truro Prep School - Music for Youth Final 2015

Truro Prep School at the Final of the Music For Youth Festival, Birmingham 2015