Prep School Authors Shine in Regional and National Competitions

Pupils in Years 5 and 6 have been celebrating this week after they received news of their success in both regional and national competitions.

Rotary Writing Competition

Congratulations firstly go to Emily, Gregor and Soumya who scooped 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in the Rotary Writing competition this week. Writing to the theme “Our World is Beautiful”, the trio claimed the top three positions in the competition which was open to all local primary schools. Emily and Gregor wrote evocative poems and Soumya wrote a persuasive think-piece about preserving natural places.
Emily said:

“I felt happy that my poem won. In the future I’d like be an artist and I enjoy being creative.”

BBC 500 Words Competitions

In the BBC 500 words competition, Max in Year 6 and Rosie in Year 5 reached the final 4500 entries selected from over 123,000 stories submitted this year. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed that they make it to the final 50!
Max said:

“I felt excited that my story ‘How the Leopards Hunt’ got through but I know it will be hard to reach the final shortlist.”