Poltisco – Wild Weather and Even Wilder Driving

It’s been a slightly miserable week weather-wise, cold and wet, so we were all looking forward to the weekend and some relaxing lie-ins. This week we welcomed Sadie from the 4th Year who will be a weekly boarder from now on, and Chloe W, a 2nd Year who has recently joined Truro School from Bolitho, also stayed this week. It’s been lovely to have them here.


On Saturday we drove over to St Eval on the north coast by minibus to go go-karting with the Malvern girls.  The site is high up and wind swept and we had some pretty wild weather up there but the Poltisco girls braved the cold with their usual high spirits and turned out to be highly competitive drivers! We had a few spins into the tyres: Katherina who somehow ended up driving in the opposite direction to everyone else; and Chloe W who managed some impressive, if involuntary, 360 degree spins.  You can see some photos from our afternoon here. After a noisy discussion about who the best driver was, we returned home to Truro to enjoy hot chocolates in the house to warm up. The girls had popcorn and a film on Saturday night, and they all enjoyed a lie-in on Sunday, apart from Nicolette who had to leave early for a music concert.  The girls used the sports centre, went shopping in town and relaxed at home for the rest of Sunday before packing bags and sorting out uniform for the next week. We only have two weeks to go until half term and we are busy preparing for a busy week at school and a trip to Plymouth next Saturday followed by a Chinese New Year celebration on Saturday night.


Mrs Nancy Kenward