Poltisco – Surfing at Tolcarne

Although the rain was pouring down heavily on Saturday morning the skies soon cleared to reveal beautiful sunshine. This was just what we wanted to experience for our first ever surfing lesson. After brunch we went straight to the Truro School minibus and drove across Cornwall for half an hour to the south west coast. Simon, Michael and Charlotte also joined us from Trennick and Malvern and it was good to get some pupils from the other boarding houses involved. The beach, which is not far from Newquay, was called Tolcarne and the sea was looking azure blue when we arrived. Our two instructors for the afternoon called Tom and Hannah greeted us and got everyone into a wet suit, this is actually very hard as they fit so snuggly to keep you warm in the water! Bryony had had a few lessons before our trip so she knew a few tricks already and could help everyone out along with our instructors. Our lesson started on the beach where Hannah and Tom showed us the movements we needed to surf so we could practise before getting into the water. Then everyone got the chance to jump in and practise some of their newly learnt moves. Sophia did really well and managed to stand up for a bit on her surfboard and Rebecca is keen to get further lessons. Chloe and Nicolette enjoyed the body boarding we tried too and navigated through some tricky waves. To end our trip out we did a sensory challenge where the students enjoyed some teamwork by helping each other through a difficult course with their eyes covered. It meant they had to speak a lot to one another and guide each other through the tunnels and troughs. The day ended with some well-earned hot chocolates to warm us up. On Sunday everyone got to sleep in a little longer and have a late brunch. This was followed by the girls using some of our Lush beauty treatments and having some free time to go to Truro town centre. This evening we have settled down for the next school week, finished our prep and we shall all have a good night’s sleep. You can see a selection of photos from our trip to Tolcarne here.