Poltisco – Shopping, Sun and Study

It’s been the busiest week yet in our newly opened boarding house, Poltisco. By Thursday night we only had two spare beds as we welcomed more junior girls into the house over the exam period. It’s proving to be a really popular package, allowing girls to spend more time revising by cutting out their travelling times and making use of the academic support from the different subject teachers on duty in the evenings. The three Italian girls who arrived last Sunday have very quickly settled in – their English is very good already but they are taking every opportunity to improve it.


The highlight of the week so far has probably been our shopping trip to Plymouth on Saturday. After enjoying some time in the sunshine in the morning, we all set off by train after brunch. We spent three hours in Plymouth and came back heavily laden with shopping bags, spending much of the journey home excitedly comparing our bargains!


Sunday has been spent working hard in preparation for the end of year exams which start tomorrow for the 1st-4th Years- a couple of hours virtuously revising before brunch and a bit of time off in the afternoon! We are looking forward to celebrating the end of exams in style with a river cruise down to Falmouth and back at the weekend.