Poltisco – Plymouth Shopping Spree

Saturday was a busy and long day in Plymouth. All the girls from Poltisco and Penelope from Malvern boarded a train and set off to Plymouth after our brunch. Once we arrived we decided to start our spree in Drake’s Circus – this shopping centre has over 60 shops all under one roof, so we didn’t even get cold. I took Nicolette, Carissa, Penelope and Chloe to an oriental supermarket which is located in the centre of Plymouth to pick up some goodies. The favourites were some seafood crisps, wasabi seaweed and a glutinous mango desert. I also managed to buy a last few things for our – albeit early – Chinese New Year celebration event. Although it is apparently best to avoid the traditional strawberry candy as, unfortunately, the taste does not reflect the joyous wrapping! The Poltisco girls continued browsing the clothes and beauty products for the rest of the day, looking in Topshop, River Island, Fat Face, Lush and Boots. Katarina bought herself a much needed long scarf while Emma opted for a deluxe box of chocolates.


Now it is Sunday and we have had a large brunch and have spent a few hours this afternoon setting up the dining hall ready for the Chinese New Year event. We have hung up lanterns and spiral decorations, laid the tables and Linus has kindly written some good luck symbols on red banners. Heng gave a very good speech on the meaning and celebration of the Chinese New Year and I can say that everyone here in Poltisco learnt something new. We have all enjoyed this super banquet courtesy of Cath and her team. We have managed to eat: spare ribs; prawn crackers; spring rolls; Szechuan chicken; noodles; beansprouts; and egg fried rice – delicious! You can see some photos from our weekend here. To finish the evening everyone will be tidying their rooms, finishing off their prep and getting a good night’s rest for the last week of this half term. The girls can’t believe how the time has flown. Good evening from everyone here in Poltisco.