Poltisco – Going Into the Woods

Two weeks into term and existing and new boarders have settled in fantastically well so far.  We’ve been busy with flexi boarders this week and it has been lovely to have so many of the younger 1st and 2nd Year girls staying with us: Lucy; and the two Charlottes.  The girls have made excellent use of the gym this week and they have been busy after school and after prep.  Having consulted the weather forecast and decided that this weekend was probably not the right time for horse riding after all, due to the predicted gale force winds, rain and sub-zero temperatures, the girls voted on Tuesday night about what they wanted to do at the weekend and, unusually, chose to have quite a chilled out weekend (normally they are a pretty energetic bunch).  We decided to go out for supper on Saturday night and had a delicious meal of gourmet burgers and hotdogs at the Hubbox restaurant.  We wandered back through town afterwards and agreed that the school looks lovely from the piazza, floodlit at night time.  Afterwards, the girls watched movies in the common room until bedtime and looked forward to their Sunday lie-in, apart from poor Bryony who had an emergency trip to the dentist to look forward to!


On Sunday the girls had unanimously voted to go to the cinema to watch Into the Woods, a dark fairy tale that has just come out.  We loved the film (and the delectable Chris Pine who stars in it), and came back in time to welcome the weekly boarders returning to the house.  After supper we had the usual rush of packing school bags, tidying rooms and getting uniform ready for the next day.  We are looking forward to Hoola Hooping , rock climbing and horse riding in the coming weeks.


Nancy Kenward