Poltisco – Getting Ready for the Festive Season

The weeks are ticking by so quickly now! As we head into December I think all of the girls are aware of how little there is left of the term and our one term girls in particular are already thinking about how much they will miss their friends over the holidays. We had three birthdays this week: Zennor Rose on Monday (I managed to set off the smoke alarms at 9.30pm when I lit all the candles for her cake, throwing the whole house into disarray and waking up my own two small children in the process!), Miss Hargreaves on Friday, and Chloe on Sunday (more cake but no candles this time!).


On Wednesday we went into town late night shopping and the girls enjoyed the novelty of being allowed out late into Truro. On Saturday we took the train to Plymouth for a day’s shopping and came back with Christmas presents for others, and ourselves. We decorated the house on Sunday and now have a traditional garland on the front door and a tree in the entrance hall; we are all getting excited about the prospect of Christmas and this grand old house looks lovely as we move into the festive season. After supper we had a run through in the Chapel of the presentation the girls will do on Monday morning to the 1st to 3rd Years on Feminism. Miss Hargreaves and I have been so impressed with the research and presentation skills our girls have shown – it will be a very thought provoking Chapel service. This week we are full again- we welcome Lily and Charlotte back for a night, two 1st Years experience the ‘Taster’ sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday and we also look forward to having Kitty staying with us for the next two weeks during the 5th Year mock exams.


Mrs N Kenward