Poltisco – Disney Films and Dancing

It has been a great start to the new spring term at Truro School.  Poltisco House has welcomed back a number of students as well as our new boarders: Maren; Katharina; Emily; and Emma.  The girls have settled well into their rooms and the house is looking lovely with lots of their photos and decorations on the walls. The week has flown by with an array of extra-curricular activities including Katharina starting piano lessons and Zennor continuing her singing lessons; it has been a lively and fun house.


Saturday was a relaxed day for the girls to recover from jet lag and catch up on sleep.  We watched several Disney films including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and The Little Mermaid.  We enjoyed a Wii ‘dance off’ in the evening after supper with some new tunes to dance the night away to.  On Sunday we were able to sleep in a little longer (much needed for some of the girls) before brunch at 10.50am.  The girls all enjoyed the lovely full English breakfast including sausages, bacon, hash browns and several pastries.  After brunch we walked to the convoy of Truro School minibuses and went to Bombadinga’s in Pool where we played two rounds of laser tag.  Many of the boarding students from all four of the boarding houses joined in with the laser tag so there was a real sense of competition to win!  Katarina even kept targeting Miss Hargreaves even though they were on the same team!  The girls found some good hiding places around the arena so they could accumulate a good score, the best shooting place was up in the castle area.  Bryony came 10th overall and was thrilled with her score.  It was a fun afternoon enjoyed by all and we now look forward to a hearty supper to finish our day.  The house will settle down to some music and film watching to end our busy weekend.