Poltisco – Cakes and Makeovers

After a relaxing half term had by the girls, they were ready to start the second half of term. We welcome Lina to Poltisco boarding house who will join us for the rest if the academic year. It was everything back to full swing here at Poltisco this week, with the girls unpacking suitcases, finishing prep in the evenings and even squeezing in several gym sessions after school.


This weekend we decided to take a trip in the early afternoon to the Baking Bird in Truro Town centre. The Baking Bird sells the most delicious cakes, with plenty of icing and with lots of choice. Lots of the girls decided on a generous portion of the Oreo cheesecake, along with a variety of cupcakes; Emma choose the minty flavoured one and Katharina the custard and cream one. This was all washed down with hot chocolates and different flavoured teas. It was certain that the girl’s sugar cravings were well and truly hit after this afternoon treat.


Afterwards we met Penny, a trained makeup artist who was here to show us a few tricks. She used to work in the finance department here at Truro School but followed her passion of doing makeup, including stage makeup and bridal packages. Penny firstly went through the natural, chemical free and 100% organic products and then, the already beautiful Emma, volunteered for a makeover. Penny also showed us different looks on Katharina and several of the Malvern girls too. Sunday was a quiet day, the girls have watched Men in Black, finished off some prep work and ventured in to town to pick up a few essentials. Overall a lovely and relaxed day. The girls will be having a roast this evening cooked by Cath, the prefect British end to the weekend.