Poltisco Boarding Update – 5 October 2015 – FlowRider

It has suddenly started to feel like autumn here in Truro with the leaves going brown and the temperatures dropping, yet the sun has continued shining which has been welcomed.
On Saturday the girls had a pizza night (margarita and peperoni) with raspberries and ice cream for dessert – delicious. They browsed the town during the day and enjoyed spending time at Malvern with the senior girls.
On Sunday morning we went to brunch a little early. This was so we could get to our exclusive FlowRider session at Retallack Resort which we were all looking forward to.
Flow Rider is a manmade wave simulator that creates waves for you to slip and slide in as well as body board. The resort describes it as combining the experience of surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding, this is the coolest new sport around and I think we would all agree. The machine creates a sheet of shallow water (about 3 inches deep), meaning that the FlowRider’s waves are easy to ride, meaning even Mrs Mulready’s daughter Poppy (5 years old!) could play in the waves. The instructor was great helping out all the boarders from Poltisco & Pentreve and by the end they were riding the waves like a pro. Ann-Kathrin and Gloria managed to stay in the longest (two hours) which meant they could perfect their moves.
The girls had a lot of fun doing this on Sunday and afterwards they got the luxury of warming up in the hot tub. Helena and Amelie partially enjoyed this part, they deserved some timeout to relax after a busy schedule of fencing (Amelie) and choir practise (Helena).
We are now off to have a Sunday roast at the school and get ready for the week ahead!

Miss Hargreaves, Assistant Housemistress Poltisco House

FlowRider, Newquay. Truro School boarding activities 2015.