Poltisco Boarding Update – 12 October 2015 – Survival Training

Somehow I find myself sitting in the office in Poltisco writing our last blog before half term… I don’t really know where the term has gone so far, and I can hardly remember a time when we didn’t have this particular group of girls here!
This week we had Scarlett in as a flexi boarder again in room 1 and it has been lovely to welcome her back. It has been a busy week for the students as teachers prepare for interim report writing by setting tests in lessons to gauge progress made so far this term. On Saturday it was the school Open Day and all the girls worked hard throughout the morning giving tours around the school, chatting to prospective parents and pupils, and guiding them around Poltisco. In the evening we headed in to town for a well-deserved meal out at Xen Noodle Bar and the girls stopped off at the ice cream bar for dessert on the way home.
We had an early start on Sunday and roll call was at 8.30am instead of 10.45am as usual. Helena left even earlier for the first performance of the Girl Choristers at Truro Cathedral this morning- an exciting event, and the first of its kind. After an early cooked breakfast we headed off to Trenowth Woods for a day of survival training and team building with all the other houses. I think it’s fair to say that several of them were unsure about this (woodland isn’t a natural habitat for some of my girls!) but they as always, they amazed me by throwing themselves into every activity with enthusiasm. We took part in team events, rope knotting competitions, axe-throwing (quite a lengthy risk assessment for that one…) and fire starting. The girls really excelled in the team building exercises, but none of us came close to Miss Thompson in the axe-throwing; it turns out she was Yorkshire’s Ladies Darts Champion before she started teaching- who knew?!
They cooked their own lunch over campfires and finished with a team competition, with Team 3 eventually emerging victorious. They have been tired but happy this evening and have spent the evening relaxing and getting ready for the last week before half term. The boarding house closes at 5pm on Friday 16th October and reopens at 2pm on Sunday 1st November.

Mrs Nancy Kenward – House Parent at Poltisco Boarding House