Poltisco Boarding – Bowling

We welcome back a number of the girls to Poltisco this summer term, including Margot who was with us this time a year ago! Several girls are staying with us for the first time and have travelled from different locations across Germany to enjoy a summer term here at Truro School.

Boarding on Saturday – A Trip to HubBox

It has been a busy week, settling back in to the house and school. The sun was shining and Truro was looking beautiful at the start of the week and the girls enjoyed going to town after school. On Saturday, the girls were happy to finish unpacking their rooms and picking up some bits in town. In the evening, instead of going to the dining hall the girls and Miss Hargreaves went to a burger restaurant in Truro town centre called HubBox. There the girls enjoyed everything from classic burgers to burgers with blue cheese. The girls watched Dirty Dancing to finish the evening off back at Poltisco.
Boarding School students enjoy a weekend meal in Truro's HubBox

Boarding on Sunday – Bowling

On Sunday the girls got to sleep in for a while before brunch was served in the dining hall. When the afternoon came around we all went to Truro 10 pin bowling, where the girls created two teams. Bryony, Lara, Margot and Lina were on the first team and got some great scores. Lina won over all with 122 points, managing to get several strikes during the game. Chloe, Nicolette, Svenja and Nicole were on the other team and Svenja was victorious – despite not playing for over a year.
After a fun afternoon bowling we went back to Poltisco to get set for the school week ahead, finishing off prep, getting our uniforms ready for tomorrow and making sure we have packed all our books! The second week already – how time flies!