Poltisco – Birthday Pinatas

We can’t quite believe that two weeks of term have raced by so quickly, or that the girls who are only with us for one term will leave in four and a half weeks. At school it’s been a busy week with the Remembrance Service and a parents’ evening and we’ve been particularly busy in the boarding house due to the cancelled Penzance train service; we’ve had several flexi boarders staying with us. We said goodbye to the Begley sisters who have stayed with us for just over a week; they fitted in so quickly and the girls are sad to see them go back home. This weekend we had our first term time birthday: Maria Torva, our Spanish student, turned 15. Consequently half the boarding house were in my kitchen on Friday night after prep, making and decorating a cake. We were all pretty impressed with Bryony’s previously unknown talent of sugar craft as she moulded a decoration in the shape of Maria out of icing! On Saturday morning Maria came downstairs to find the Common Room decorated with balloons, the cake, cards and presents. After brunch we tied a ‘piñata’ to the tree outside and the girls took in turns to smack it with a hockey stick until the sweets fell out, accompanied by Spanish pop music.  I think it’s fair to say that we were somewhat taken aback by the sheer aggression shown by our usually charming 4th and 5th Year girls, I wouldn’t want to be up against them on a hockey pitch! In the afternoon some of the girls went out to go bowling and for a celebratory meal while others took advantage of a well-earned ‘free’ day and relaxed at the boarding house and caught up on prep.


On Saturday we went to Tolgus and spent the afternoon painting mugs, plates and ornaments and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.


We’re looking forward to welcoming the first set of  1st Year girls trying the Boarding Taster Sessions on Tuesday, and the City of Lights Parade on Wednesday evening.