Physics Students Benefit from Ogden Trust Partnership

On Tuesday 10th March Key Stage 4 Physics pupils listened in to a fascinating and light-hearted talk on how to survive a nuclear fallout.


The event, titled Surviving a Nuclear Attack, was organised by The Ogden Trust Partnership, a charitable trust that exists to promote the teaching and learning of physics.


The Ogden Trust provide scholarships to talented individuals as well as supporting Physics teachers. This latest event was designed for GCSE Physics pupils preparing for their assessments across all examination boards.


The presentation covered eight tips for surviving a nuclear fallout, from protecting electrical equipment to stockpiling food and resources in advance whilst introducing the idea of nuclear Physics through the historical context of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Cold War and the more recent threat of international terrorism and nuclear accidents. Archive film footage and demonstrations with radioactive sources accompanied the talk.


The Ogden Trust has recently made funding available for the first Ogden Physics Partnership in Cornwall, with additional support and CPD for teachers through S3 Physics. The spirit of this Cornwall partnership project is one of sharing best practice with the mutual benefit to all participating schools.