Physical Education and Sport: Developing a Community Approach

During the Autumn Term 2103-14, Truro School Prep engaged with other primary schools across the county by using Physical Education and Sport as the medium through which to offer professional development.


The two main practical projects involved working very closely with two National Governing Bodies of Sport; the Rugby Football Union (RFU) and England Netball (EN). On both occasions the content had a focus on professional development of the attendees who were, in the main, local primary school teachers or coaches.


The work with the RFU facilitated state and private sector schools working together, and culminated in a festival of rugby that had a target area of U9. The key focus was that of the developing rules and principles of the game of rugby. The national development manager, Gary Townsend, attended and presented at the first session to all staff, coaches and parents present. The RFU supplied qualified Level Two coaches to work with the pupils, and over 90 young players of mixed gender had fun and became confident at playing the game.


A month later the schools all returned to Truro School Prep and participated in a festival of rugby, playing a large number of coached games during a lovely warm and sunny October afternoon. The RFU staff refereed the games and the school teachers and coaches were given the opportunity to referee with the RFU staff supporting them.


The fantastic thing about the afternoon of the festival was that the Years 5 and 6 sports leaders were also involved. They led warm up sessions with the players and also led some small skill practice activities. The whole approach and outcome from this project was so fantastic that the schools attending are keen to do the same again, and to take part in more festivals of sport and fixtures.


‘Many thanks for a wonderful afternoon.

I will be in touch soon regarding fixtures.’


‘Thank you for today and super job in all the organising you have done!’


‘Looking forward to coming up again sometime soon – just let me know a few dates.’


‘Thanks again for a lovely afternoon’


The children all had a marvellous time too and they were not at all perturbed about being placed in mixed school groups. It gave them the opportunity to make new friends, one of those outcomes that sport can often offer.


The second area of focus for the Autumn Term was that of Netball. A High Five netball course was hosted at the school and there was a huge amount of interest from local schools from across the whole of the county. Staff travelled from Saltash to Penzance and the workshop proved so worthwhile that a number of staff have asked to register for any further courses in the future.


‘It was great to go away and try out some new ideas with the children’


‘My netball teaching this morning was so much more exciting and the course was awesome, thank you!’


Following this course the school will be hosting a Level One netball course in the summer of 2014 and hopes to stage some skills sessions for primary schools.


The following week the school hosted a netball festival for U11 children. Eight schools attended the afternoon, which had the focus of ‘play and have fun’, so there was no overall winner. The standard of play improved immensely as the afternoon progressed.


Angela Barnett

Teacher of P.E