Photography Club Competition

Over 40 pupils in Years 5 and 6 took part in a popular new photography activity which launched in February this year.


Pupils used a range of cameras from point and shoot to digital SLRs to learn and practise digital photography skills on the school grounds. Editing and enhancement was taught using a variety of industry standard IT tools such as Photoshop.


Weekly topic based lessons included macro photography, landscapes, water, reflections, action, points of view, portraits, light, depth of field and polar panoramas. Pupils also learned film making skills, producing short clips and special effects for the Year 6 play, Wizard of Oz.


A competition, judged by Director of Photography and filmmaker Paul Caddis, selected three winners by Oliver, Luke and Holly in Year 6.


Mr Caddis said: “Firstly I would like to say that I very much liked the fact that so many different angles, colours and subjects were explored with these photographic studies. It is not easy to get everything “just right’. And sometimes “just right” looks best when some things are a little bit wrong? For the most part focus was good. And in the case of some macro shots was excellent. Exposure for the most part was good too. Those photographers who explored really low angles or whose pictures make you feel emotion, tell a story or make you think are somehow are the ones that keep us interested. Well done to everyone and keep exploring.”


You can see Oliver, Luke and Holly’s photographs on our Facebook page.


There is a gallery of more of the shortlisted photographs coming soon.