Pentreve – storming the Alamo

The weekend arrived and there seemed to be a strange blue phenomenon in the sky, and a rather unrecognizable yellow thing suspended in it – all very strange and quite unnerving!  Yes, apparently the sun was out, what a welcome change from the hailstones and rain of recent weeks.


The boys enjoyed a quiet weekend on the sporting front with Eneko playing football for Truro City as usual, but Friday night saw the usual round of prep and Sports Centre activity.


Saturday was such a lovely day that most took the opportunity to go to town and generally enjoy the weather, quite a novelty given recent conditions.


Saturday night was pizza and DVD night and as usual the boys devoured the pizzas in double quick time; in fact barely had the trays hit the table in the common room before the pizzas were gone!!  And as usual it appeared as though they had not been fed for a week, when actually it was just 2 ½ hours before!


On Sunday, we made the most of the continuing good weather by going to play Lazer Tag at Big Dunks in Camelford, and in spite of much recent rain, it was surprisingly dry. Teams were selected, battle lines were drawn, idle threats were made, face paint was applied and battle commenced.


Several games were played and each team won and lost, so the honours were fairly even.  The corn maze was taken on, the Alamo was stormed, and the bridge was held and taken; some ran out of ammo, some stormed the Alamo with much abandon and were killed and respawned several times (Shin!), but all emerged unscathed at the end.


It was also the first time that the table tennis table was used for any length of time.  I had forgotten what the sound of the ball plonking around was like, so it was a welcome noise to hear the guys enjoying this facility once again.


After a hearty supper and prep to finish it was then back to the normal routine.  You can see some photos from our weekend here.