Pentreve – Vroom Vroom!

Another action packed weekend for the boys in Pentreve House. Mrs De Gruchy came to see her EAL group on Friday night as usual and this week they were examining the use of ‘Modal Verbs.’
One can only hope that they; might, may, can, will, could, should, would and must help in some way!


This was all followed by activities in the Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre on Friday night.


School Disco

Will and Hamza frequented the school disco and no doubt pulled some shapes!

Football vs Shebbear College

On Saturday the school played football fixtures against Shebbear College and Rowan, Ted and James were all involved. Our friends at Piran Films came along to watch the game and video highlights of the match are available!


Alec was torn as there was go karting at St Eval and a chess tournament. In the end he chose chess… a worthy sacrifice on the route to becoming a Chess Grand Master!

Go Karting at St Eval

The rest of us went to St Eval Kart Circuit just outside Newquay for some fierce racing. Racing suites were squeezed into, helmets were selected, go karts were mounted and the racing was on! Fabian and Nils were fast and difficult to overtake, but the track is long and open so some good racing was had nonetheless.


And in case there were any pre-race nerves, the sign behind the boys says it all!
Pentreve Boarders Go Karting

Racing over, all in one piece it was back to the house for an evening of DVD’s and, as usual, copious amounts of pizza. We stopped on route so that ‘Subway’ could be bought and of course tea followed shortly after that!

Rugby 7’s vs Sherborne

Sunday came and it was rugby 7’s day for Fabian, Rowan and Mr Nick who all headed to Sherborne for a tournament.


The boys returned exhausted from their efforts and so it was the usual routine for Sunday night.

Boarders Looking Ahead to Easter

Next weekend is the last weekend of the Spring Term. There is a boarders Chapel Service next week to and then the Easter break. We hope that all the boys have a relaxing break and return ready for EXAMS!!! …and hopefully some sunny weather and the chance to hit the local beaches at the weekend and get some surfing in!