Pentreve – Strikes All Round

This week the two junior boarding houses opened their doors to the 4th Years. The taster packages have proven popular again and we were delighted to welcome both Ed and Tom to Pentreve House from Monday through to Friday. The house was full to bursting and it was great to see the boys joining in and making the most of all that boarding has to offer. The noise levels were a little raised but the sounds of laughter and enjoyment that emanates from the games rooms on these dark and cold winter evenings really make Mr Nicholas and I smile; we are very lucky to have such great facilities on tap in Pentreve and it is great to hear and see them being put to such good use. We hope Tom and Ed enjoyed their stay with us and we look forward to welcoming them back in the future.


On Tuesday evening the 1st to 3rd Years enjoyed their Domino’s pizza prize for winning the grade challenge at the end of last term. The 4th Years didn’t take too well to losing (no surprises there) and couldn’t face watching their younger peers enjoying pizza without them, so they also made a trip to the house’s favourite eatery. I did point out that theirs would not taste as good as the ‘free’ ones, however every crumb was still devoured!


Friday evening quickly came about and the ritual that has become tea, cake and Mrs de Gruchy’s extra English lesson kick started the weekend. The weekly boarders departed for home and Harry was collected to spend the weekend with his family in Mullion. The SBASC was made use of later on in the evening and then some television before bed rounded the day and week off nicely.


Saturday morning meant a lie in for all and the boys roused just in time for brunch. A quiet day lay ahead with no plans other than to chill out and relax. The boys visited town and Tesco’s for supplies and an air of calm descended on Pentreve. It never lasts for long though and this week it was Fabian who reminded me of how unpredictable life in a boys’ boarding house can be when he arrived at my door dripping blood from a wound on his head sustained during an altercation with the shower door; the door came off the better it seems. So it was Accident and Emergency for Fabian and I for a quick dab of glue but they didn’t keep us long and we were back just in time for supper. A roast chicken dinner was just what the doctor ordered and the events of the afternoon were quickly forgotten. I fired up the pizza oven later that evening and the customary pizza and DVD night in the common room ensued.


Sunday was a little warmer than it has been of late and following a hearty brunch in the dining hall we set off to Truro Bowl for a fun filled and wholesome ‘family’ afternoon of bowling. There was much talk on the walk down of who would beat who and how many strikes would be scored. Cyrus was backed as the strongest contender, behind Mr Mulready, and it was thought that the combined team of Poppy and Matilda would most likely bring up the rear. What the boys failed to factor in was the immense prowess of their one and only Housemistress, who it seems, has perhaps entered the wrong career! The first game gave the boys a taste and they got better and better with each bowl. I led from the start but was pipped at the post by Mr M with his very last bowl: 109 to 123 and a score to settle in the next round. Ayobami’s style got a few laughs but everyone improved no end. There were strikes for Fabian and Kobe and the Mulready girls even ditched the ramp at times. It was wonderful to see the boys enjoying each other’s company, but really, only one thing mattered: Mrs Mulready triumphed in the second game with a score of 125, the highest of the day! The print out of scores has taken pride of place on the notice board!


It was then back to the boarding house for a rest. Cath cooked up a storm in the kitchen with an array of lamb, chicken, casserole, vegetable chilli and macaroni cheese on offer for supper. Fabian and Nils went to the cinema and the boys spent the rest of the evening completing homework, sorting laundry, tidying bedrooms and getting themselves sorted for the week ahead.


Interim exams are set to be completed in the next two weeks and Mr Nicholas and I will be looking ahead to the next set of grades just before half term. Will the boys meet their academic targets? They are working hard so we are hopeful of another close contest on the grade competition front. Check out next week’s blog to see what the boys get up to this week.


Mrs Sarah Mulready
Assistant Housemistress: Pentreve Boarding House (Junior Boys’ Boarding)