Pentreve – Snow and Surfing

This week, the penultimate week of this half term, has seen the boys sitting interim tests in a number of subjects. These tests are now being marked and the boys’ progress reports are being compiled. The question on everyone’s lips in Pentreve is ‘who will win the coveted pizza prize this time?’. Have the 4th Years executed their revenge to perfection or will the 1st to 3rd Years be triumphant for the second time in a row this academic year? Time will tell and Mr Nicholas and I are looking forward to analysing the progress that our boys have made; they are working hard in prep time, and attending catch up clinics and we are very proud of their efforts.


On Monday evening the house erupted with excitement when the bitterly cold weather finally delivered some of the much longed for ‘white stuff’. It was late in the evening and it was cold but this didn’t stop the boys venturing outside to enjoy the occasion and to take the odd selfie too.


This weekend began rather frostily too with a very, very cold Friday. After school, whilst the day boys departed for home, Ayobami and Kobe visited town, Alec played tennis and Nils and Cyrus went to the music school. It was soon time for supper. The usual Friday evening extra English lesson was postponed until Saturday evening but cake was still devoured: cake Friday? Oh, go on then! Nicolette and Chloe joined us from Poltisco for a couple of hours and the SBASC sports hall was taken full advantage of by those brave enough to head outside.


On Saturday it was another early start for Harry who went to Taunton to play hockey. The rest of the boys enjoyed a bit of a lie in before making their way up the hill for a hearty Cath brunch. The sun was shining and the sky was a gorgeous blue but there was still a distinct chill in the air. Saturday was a free day for the boys who completed homework, visited town and made the most of the house facilities. Mr Nicholas even challenged a few on the old table tennis table; Mr Nic, what was the score?


Bosco, Kobe and Cyrus spent an hour in the dining hall kitchens with the weekend chef helping to prepare the food for Sunday’s Chinese Banquet, our early Chinese New Year celebration and Mr Barnett came over for the afternoon so that I could pop out and watch Mr Mulready play football (yes, apparently I am a WAG, although I did not embrace the role or dress the part). Mr M’s team had reached the last sixteen in the FA Vase competition so the stakes were high (almost as high as the nerve levels, and that was just mine). The result? They won 2-0 to reach the last eight and are now two games away from Wembley! The boys are asking/begging Mr Nicholas and I to take them on a road trip if the team do get that far, so watch this space!


I returned in time for supper and then it was back to the house for Mrs de Gruchy’s lesson. Tea and Tolkin in the common room went down very well. Chloe and Nicolette came over again and I fired up the pizza oven. With a couple of extra mouths to feed my kitchen was in over drive and I am still amazed, week in, week out by how much these boys (and apparently the girls too) can eat! Harry returned from his hockey match having had a long but very enjoyable day. The score? We are not talking about it! All the boys settled down in front of a DVD before bed.


On Sunday the boys woke just in time for brunch and then enjoyed a few hours of free time. Some homework was completed, television watched and rooms were tidied. We piled into the minibus later on in the afternoon and headed off to Retallack Resorts and the Flow Rider for our exclusive one hour session on the artificial flow rider wave. A lot of fun was had and the hot tub was taken advantage of too. Surfing? February? Cold? Never! Flips and turns were mastered, competitions fought and some stand up surfing was accomplished too. Harry, our resident surfer, showed everyone up to be fair, but wow, he really is quite good! It was then time for a quick shower and change before we headed home.


Miss Hargreaves and the girls had worked solidly all afternoon decorating and setting up the dining hall for this year’s Chinese New Year celebration. With the event actually due to fall in half term we brought the occasion forward so that we could all celebrate together. Cath did an amazing job with the food and Heng spoke fantastically about what Chinese New Year means and how it is celebrated. We learnt a lot and had a lot of fun too, although I was flabbergasted when a couple of boys wanted to pop to Domino’s when we returned back to the house! You can see some photos from our weekend here.


So, the last weekend of the half term has been action packed and somehow we have arrived once again at Sunday evening. The boys are busying themselves sorting their laundry and packing their school bags. Some homework is being finished off and I am hopeful that within the next hour the boys will fall into their beds, too exhausted to protest or plead for an extra ten minutes!


With just one more week before we break for half term I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the boys a happy holiday, if they are returning home, I hope they have a lovey family orientated week and if they are not venturing too far I hope they enjoy a well-earned rest all the same. Mr Nicholas and I will recharge the batteries also and we will look forward to welcoming all the boys back, raring to go, on Sunday the 22nd.



Mrs Sarah Mulready

Assistant Housemistress (Pentreve House, Junior Boys’ Boarding)