Pentreve – Ski-ing, Tobogganing and a Tubing Olympic Final

It is hard to believe that the autumn term is drawing to a close and with only two and a half weeks before we part for the holidays the boys in Pentreve are starting to feel a little bit Christmassy. This week we welcomed Callum to the fold; Callum has stayed with us in the past but it was great to have him stay for a more substantial length of time. The boys very much enjoyed Callum’s company and he was a delight to have in the house; we hope he will come and stay again soon; he will be very welcome.


On Wednesday the boys enjoyed the first ‘late night shopping’ evening in Truro. Having wrapped up warm the lads made their way to the shops (and the reindeer!). Some items were purchased but mostly the Christmas atmosphere was absorbed and the boys enjoyed their evening out.


On Thursday we went as a house to support the Truro School play, Sweeny Todd. At 7pm we descended on the Burrell Theatre and wow: We. Were. Blown. Away! Miss Egar and her team surpassed themselves and we thoroughly enjoyed the production. Well done to all the staff and students involved in, and behind the scenes of, Sweeny Todd, we cannot wait till next year’s production.


The weekend, the last one in November, was soon upon us and it started in its usual fashion with Alec and Nils playing tennis and Jonas playing chess after school. The weekly boarders departed for home and relative calm set in. After supper the boys were joined by Maria and Emily from Poltisco for an extra English lesson with Mrs de Gruchy. It was then basketball in the SBASC for some and more prep and chilling out for those that stayed behind.


Saturday morning saw an early wake up call for all (well, early for a Saturday anyway). We left the house at 8.45am, loaded the minibus, and headed for Plymouth. Fabian who was unable to join us for this weekend’s activity due to his commitments to the U15 rugby team, joined Trennick House for the day and our thanks go to Mr Lawrence and the Trennick boys for making Fabian feel so welcome. The McDonald’s breakfast sweetened the shock of the early morning start for the rest of the boys who were quiet for at least ten minutes whilst eating!


We arrived at Plymouth Ski and Snowboard Centre for 10.30am. The sky was as blue as a summer’s day and it was surprisingly warm. First up was half an hour of ‘tubing’ (sliding and spinning down the ski slope in a rubber ring tube).  It was here, on Saturday 29th November 2014, that we saw the Pentreve House Tubing Olympic final contested for the first time ever. Nigeria, France, Germany and Hong Kong were represented but who was to be crowned winner? Kobe, representing Hong Kong left the others quaking in their boots to emerge as an unlikely yet deserving champion; we won’t mention the disqualification of Ayobami from Nigeria for blatant cheating! It was then over to the toboggan run where the boys had three turns each. Bosco and Kobe were, shall we say, cautious and careful whilst Nils and Cyrus barely put the brake on. Again a lot of fun was had.


After a quick pit stop and a drink in the restaurant we headed over for our hour long ski lesson. Cyrus, Kobe, Bosco and Ayobami, having never skied before, learnt the basics and perfected the snowplough stop and glide whilst the seasoned professionals that are Jonas, Alec and Nils were let loose on the faster and steeper slope at the end. Rio 2015? Hmmm… maybe not! You can see some photos from our day on the slopes here.


Since we were in Plymouth the boys decided it would be silly not to take in a bit of shopping and so off to Drake’s Circus we went. Being the day after the ‘black Friday’ sales it was very busy and it didn’t look like we were going to find a parking space. But Mrs Mulready does not like to disappoint and thanks to some remarkable (even if I do say so myself) manoeuvring of the minibus in the fourth car park she tried, we were good to go. An hour and a quarter later the boys returned with some Christmas bargains. I am under strict orders not to share details of these buys however as I think a couple of Christmas presents for family members may have been  purchased this weekend! I take no responsibility for their taste I hasten to add, but I do expect I will be accountable for their wrapping! We arrived back home at just gone 5pm and it was then time for supper and of course no Saturday evening in Pentreve would be complete without a table full of pizzas to devour. The boys relaxed watching a DVD following their busy, action packed day.


On Sunday, as promised, I let the boys enjoy as much of a lie in as possible and woke them just before brunch. Sunday was a completely free day for the boys who visited town, made use of the house facilities and visited friends in other boarding houses. Sunday evening saw James, Will, Rowan and Henry return. Homework was dutifully completed, school bags were packed and laundry bags were filled.


The boys have been sitting, and will continue to sit, interim tests in most of their subjects. Mr Nicholas and I are looking forward to analysing the next set of grades and numbers: will the boys meet the targets we have set for them and more importantly, as far as the boys are concerned, will the 1st – 3rd Years get their own back and win the Domino’s pizza prize? Make sure you read next week’s blog to find out what the Pentreve boys get up to this week coming and how much money the boarding community raises at next weekend’s Christmas fair.


Mrs Sarah Mulready
Assistant Housemistress: Pentreve Boarding House (Junior Boys’ Boarding)