Pentreve – Segway at Goonhilly

What another awful weekend weather-wise.  At first the waves and wind were fascinating, then after a month they just became plain infuriating, and still they show no signs of letting up!


Football fixtures being cancelled, and driving conditions so poor meant that it was in- house activities and the Sports Centre only on Saturday afternoon.  The boys made do with the PS4 and then watching England defeat Scotland in the Six Nations rugby.


Saturday night saw more DVD watching and consuming the usual round of pizzas as if they had not eaten for a week, rather than the actual 2½ hours before!  Each week the boys wait for the tell-tale sound of my flat door opening, then on goes the light in the lounge and the feeding frenzy begins!


The forecast for Sunday was much improved so I thought, why not, Segway at Goonhilly! The sun was out so I told the boys we would spend some time at Poldhu Cove first, although as we arrived there to a downpour of hailstones we soon beat a hasty retreat from the beach and headed North to Goonhilly.  As luck would have it we managed to dodge any further showers, and although it was cold (and Shin was dressed for the summer!), we raced, went off-road, and no-one fell off – which was a first!  You can see a gallery of photos from the trip here.


Paul and Niko were delighted to be able to do this as they have to be 18 in Germany to ride a Segway!  In spite of the weather Magnum ice creams were also dispatched in pretty quick time, and then it was back to the house for a hearty Sunday night meal and some prep and washing to be done for Monday.


The boys are looking forward to Wednesday evening when we will go to the Plymouth Pavilions to watch Plymouth Raiders play basketball in the BBL Trophy Quarter Final against the Sheffield Sharks.  Check out the next blog for photos from this epic encounter…


M. Nicholas