Pentreve – Scuba Diving and LOTS of Pizza

March!!! Whatever happened to January and February?!! Time is simply flying by and it will be Easter before we know it. The house continues to be a frenzy of activity with sport, music, the gym, and studies all on the agenda!


Friday evening saw Mrs De Gruchy hold her regular EAL session in Pentreve with her group and they are progressing well.



Cyrus pentreve house, truro school

Cyrus practices for the Charity Concert on Thursday.

Saturday was a day of town and relaxation and the chance for a much needed lie in for some! The house has been reverberating to the sound of piano playing as usual, but lately much more guitar and singing has been heard as Cyrus practices hard for his appearances at this coming weeks ‘Charity Concerts’ on Wednesday and Thursday, we hope all goes well for him… X Factor next year Cyrus??

Pizza Night

Saturday night was the traditional pizza and DVD night and the boys asked me to buy extra pizzas, so I gave in and then went to Tesco to buy more – we now have 11 pizzas for 8 boys! Their excuse was that any left can be put in the fridge and eaten the next day. However, NO pizza made it to the fridge as they demolished all before them and stated there could have been more! Where do they put it all?

Scuba Diving

There was an air of excitement around the house as scuba diving was on the agenda for Sunday afternoon. There was some apprehension but all I can say is that it was a highly professional session and we had to go into the classroom for one hour before being allowed to do the practical session. All the boys received PADI certificates for the day.


Then it was down to the pool for the action. The session started with simple skills that had been explained in the classroom and within no time the boys were off! There were 4 instructors for only 9 boys which was fantastic and the time passed so quickly. After the session the boys had to go back to the classroom for a debrief and to collect certificates and for some Q & A.


They left the pool buzzing and even wanted to know how to enroll on the various qualifications that are available! The boys returned from Scuba Diving famished and could not wait the 2 hours for tea – the kitchen was once again raided. It was no surprise as Dominos was visited, again, with stomachs being filled to the brim! Sunday evening was the usual preparation for the week ahead, which promises to be another busy one.


Another highlight for Pentreve was the news that the football team that Mr Mulready plays for had won their ¼ final and are now in the semi-final of the FA Vase. What an achievement and we hope to be able to see them play if it coincides with term dates. Congratulations to Mr Mulready and the team.


A selection of images from the weekend can be seen in our gallery.