Pentreve – Racing, Off-Roading, and Falling Off

Including the induction weekend this is now the boys’ third weekend in the house and they are settling into a routine which involves: eating 24/7 and asking if there is any more supper; watching movies; playing on the PS4; playing sport; and going to the Sports Centre. All fairly normal for a junior boys boarding house! That said, they all seem to be working hard and doing plenty of prep too, so we will see how their first grades are in October and whether they have met the targets set by me and Mrs Mulready. As a group they have been a delight to have in the house and long may that last.


Friday saw the usual round of prep and then Sports Centre activities, and the Honk Kong boys in the house – Cyrus, Kobe and Bosco – went out for a meal at the Zen noodle bar, which went down well!


There were no rugby matches this Saturday so the boys took the opportunity to go into town and to relax. We even had a visit from the Headmaster and some prospective parents and Alec gave Mr Gordon-Brown a stiff test on the table tennis table; I feel a return match is on the cards there!


Saturday night was a DVD and pizza night and as usual the pizzas were devoured pretty much as soon as the trays hit the table in the lounge!


On Sunday morning Fabian went to rugby training at Truro RFC and after brunch we joined the Poltisco girls for our activity. As we were not booked to do segway until 3pm we took the opportunity to take a walk down to Poldhu Cove and to have a drink and an ice cream there.


After this brief interlude it was time for the main event: Goonhilly Segway. We rode the segways in the shadow of some magnificent satellite dishes and we raced, we ‘off-roaded’ and some even fell off! Many had not experienced the segways before but very quickly they all took to it well and the races were keenly contested. You can see a selection of photos from our afternoon here.


Sunday evening was a chance for another great supper cooked by Kath: cottage pie, yummy!


Prep was completed and it was time to prepare for another week at school. It was great to combine with the Poltisco girls and Mrs Kenward and we look forward to joining with the other houses for more activities soon.


M. Nicholas


Pentreve House