Pentreve – Picking Up Speed

The last weekend of this half term finally arrived with just one question: where on earth has the time gone?  It does not seem two minutes ago that we were having our induction weekend.  The boys have certainly settled in well and we have a nice atmosphere in the boarding house. We hope to see Ayobami this week and after half term we shall be having 1st Year taster boarding sessions which we are all excited about.


Friday was Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre time and prep, and Alec had tennis as usual.  Saturday was a relaxing day and the boys had a chance to go to town, do some prep and to learn some card tricks, as well as to hone their table tennis, pool and PS4 skills.


The boys asked for more pizzas on Saturday and when asked exactly how many they said 12! At first I thought they were joking, but it quickly transpired they weren’t, so I went to Tesco’s and received some very strange looks from the lady on the checkout when she saw that my trolley was full of pizzas, chocolate bars and drinks!  Meat Feast, Pepperoni and Vegetable for Jonas and away they went; it was like a well oiled conveyor belt in my kitchen as pizza after pizza left the oven and was devoured almost immediately.  Where do they put all that food, supper was at 6.00pm and the pizza factory was well in production by 8.15pm!  After watching Channing Tatum save the day and the US President again in White House Down it was time to retire ahead of a session on the quad bikes at the ATV Centre in Blackwater on Sunday.


There were some nervous faces as we geared up with all of the safety equipment for the quad biking in the ‘kit room’ and after some practice laps we were let loose on the track. The first two laps were on the flat, but after that it was very uneven terrain with some great hills, bumps and corners, and a chance to get some speed up!  You can see some photos from our afternoon here.  Thankfully the track was not too muddy and so we escaped the usual carnage and washing of clothes which follows a session on the quad bikes.  After a brief stop in Sainsbury’s for drinks and ice creams it was home for a hearty Kath supper and preparation for the week ahead and of course for two weeks of half term holiday!