Pentreve – Paintballing and Water Polo

This week saw the junior boarding houses open their doors to the 1st Year. Over the next few weeks we will welcome a number of 1st Year boys to Pentreve House as they make the most of the ‘taster packages’ that we are offering: a two day and two evening flavour of what it means to be a boarder at Truro School. This week we welcomed Bruno who fitted in immediately. He quickly found his feet and certainly made the most of the house facilities and the opportunities that makes boarding such an appealing choice for many. The slightly later wake-up time, the full English breakfast before school, supervised prep and then evening sports in the SBASC were amongst the many things that Bruno went away raving about. We hope that those booked in for the coming weeks enjoy the experience just as much; the Pentreve boys are ready and we are looking forward to welcoming you to our ‘home from home’.


This weekend began with tennis for Alec and Nils after school on Friday. Kobe was collected by his cousin, whilst James, Rowan, Harry and Will departed for home. The remaining boys settled in for the weekend by chilling out in the house before supper. Some prep was completed and the lounge became a hive of studious activity when Mrs de Gruchy came to give the boys (and some of the girls from Poltisco) their extra English lesson. I do apologise for the lack of tea and biscuits on offer though Debbie, they have now been trained in hospitality! Eight o’clock soon arrived and this meant basketball in the sports hall for some. Those that were not terribly keen on venturing out on a wet and windy evening watched some television in the common room and relaxed in the house.


On Saturday morning we were joined by Harry who has come to sample boarding life here at Pentreve. Once again the boys were on hand to show Harry the ropes and he quickly settled in; Cath’s delicious brunch certainly served as an ice breaker. Fabian, Jonas and Cyrus headed up the hill for rugby in the afternoon. The fixture? Exeter at home. The result? The boys didn’t want to talk about it, oh dear! Those not involved in the rugby visited town or showed their support and a lot of PS4 was played. Supper was duly wolfed down: a pasta extravaganza laid on in the dining hall. Saturday evening would not be Saturday evening without a raid of the Mulready DVD collection and the boys waited eagerly in the common room for the pizza. The pizza factory that is my kitchen was in overdrive once again and the ravenous boys, who clearly are not fed enough, were quiet for, hmm, maybe 10 minutes? It was then back to business and back to this week’s DVD of choice, The Lone Ranger.


Sunday morning lie-ins were taken advantage of as usual, brunch was enjoyed and then it was straight onto the minibus bound for Truro Paintball and our main activity for the weekend. Two and a half hours of paintballing fun then ensued before we, in a slightly muddier state, headed back to school. Mr Lawrence had kindly offered to open the swimming pool for an hour in the afternoon and subsequently the ‘inter-boys’-houses waterpolo competition’ was born. Waterpolo rules were learnt and broken; the contest was fierce. The outcome? Pentreve do not wish to divulge the score, but we will be practising before any future competitions! You can see some photographs from this weekend’s main activities here.


Sunday evening saw a return to order with the boys completing homework, sorting laundry, tidying their rooms and packing their bags for the morning. Harry will leave us tomorrow but we hope to see him back in the very near future; he has been a welcome addition and we hope he enjoyed the weekend.  On Tuesday the 4th Year boys will take great pleasure in eating their prize pizzas in front of the 1st – 3rd Years. Having won the first of this year’s ‘progress grade competitions’ they certainly deserve to gloat. Come on 1st – 3rd Years, the December reports will soon come about, don’t let me down! Please check out next week’s blog to see what the boys get up to this week.


Mrs Sarah Mulready

Assistant Housemistress (Pentreve House, Junior Boys’ Boarding)