Pentreve – Joint Go Karting Champions

How we have reached the penultimate weekend of the first half term I do not know, but it is here and once again the boys have had a busy week.


Academic studies have been at the forefront of the Pentreve boys’ minds this week; they have been revising hard in prep time throughout the week and this weekend they have used their free time to study further; this can only mean one thing: interim exam week! Yes, tomorrow will mark the beginning of a week in which the boys will sit interim exams in most of their subjects. The results from these tests will form the backbone of the academic progress grades that teachers will be awarding them and Mr Nicholas and I are looking forward to receiving the first set of grade cards of the year. Whilst the grades are important we are mostly interested in the numbers awarded for effort, independent study and organisation, and we will be looking to see whether the boys have managed to meet our house target of achieving all 1s and 2s. Our philosophy?  Look after the numbers and the grades will look after themselves.


This weekend started in its usual fashion with the weekly boarders going home; however with Fabian joining Rowan at his house, Alec playing tennis, Cryus spending some time in the Music School and Nils going out for tea with his guardians, the house seemed somewhat deserted. Particularly given that Bosco was out too playing with the Symphony Orchestra at St Agnes Methodist Church. This feeling of calm didn’t last for long though. After supper an hour of prep was completed and it was great to hear the boys helping each other to revise in the computer room; a very studious and slightly unnerving, ambience settled on Pentreve. Later in the evening some of the boys headed up to the SBASC to play basketball whilst the others either continued to work or made use of the house facilities.


On Saturday morning after brunch, Jonas and Cyrus departed for Blundells School for a rugby fixture and I passed the baton over to Mr Pomery, one of the Pentreve House Tutors, so that I could fulfil my charity pledges. Over the course of the summer I took part in a series of open water swims raising money for charity and on Saturday I was to complete my final event, a one mile swim in Falmouth. The boys enjoyed having Mr Pomery covering and I think he got less work done than he intended owing to the table tennis table and some very willing and competitive opponents. The boys spent the day relaxing, visiting town, playing some tennis and doing some further revision. I returned in the late afternoon and then joined the boys for supper in the dining hall. Cyrus, Jonas and Fabian returned from the Blundells fixture at about 7pm. They were weary but they thoroughly enjoyed the experience, despite, in some cases, the result. I think it is fair to say that the matches were well contested and the boys deserved the pizzas that I was very quickly – as soon as they walked through the door in fact – asked to start cooking. Nine pizzas were duly devoured and the boys settled down to watch a film in the common room.


Sunday morning saw an early start for James, who returned to the house for the night following his home rugby fixture against Blundells. He was up and out, with his wet weather gear and plenty of snacks for his form’s team building session at Minions, our outdoor pursuits centre on Bodmin Moor. For the rest of the boys, lie ins were taken advantage of and we wandered up the hill at 11am for brunch. After brunch we joined Mrs Murphy and some of the Malvern girls for our weekend activity: go karting at Coast2Coast in Hayle. A lot of fun was had. We split into two groups, the first session was girls only and the second was for the boys. We rounded the afternoon off with the four slowest (‘more careful’) of each group competing and then the final! It was a closely fought contest which saw Malvern’s Agne and our own Fabian come head to head. Joint winners was the decision, phew, at least this means Fabian doesn’t have to say he was beaten by a girl!


It was great to see the boys getting on so well with the girls and I would like to thank Mrs Murphy for allowing us to gatecrash their weekend activity. My children Poppy, Matilda and Bella enjoyed getting to know the Malvern girls too, in fact they refused to sit with anyone other than Agne at supper on Sunday evening!  You can see a selection of photos from our weekend here.


It was soon back onto the minibuses and back to base camp where we enjoyed a lovely roast chicken, roast lamb or vegetable bake supper in the dining hall. The boys returned to the house and they are, as I write, doing some prep/revision, sorting their laundry and getting themselves ready for the week ahead. Good luck with the tests boys, we will be thinking off you all!


Mrs Sarah Mulready
Assistant Housemistress (Pentreve House, Junior Boys’ Boarding)