Pentreve – The Importance of Friendship

After a two week half term it was good to get back to school and into the swing of things again. Friday was prep in the house followed by activities in the SBASC. Saturday was a big day for the school – Open Morning. The only drawback was an early start with breakfast at 8.30am, quite a shock to the system as the guys are used to a nice leisurely 10.00am brunch! The school was on show, as was the boarding house and the boys did a sterling job of showing interested parties around the boarding house; many thanks to all those who helped out.


Saturday afternoon brought rugby fixtures against Plymouth College, a real rival of ours. James (Yr 1), Will (Yr 2) and Rowan and Fabian (Yr 4), all played their part in resounding victories for their teams in what proved to be a clean sweep of victories for Truro School. It was a shame that England could not follow our lead against that minnow of a rugby nation, New Zealand! That ‘Haka’ does not scare me…. much!


The boys were very keen to take in a movie at the cinema as well as ten-pin bowling and so they chose to see the blockbusting ‘Interstellar’ at 5.15pm, missing tea in the process. The deal was however, that Mr Nick would cook copious amounts of pizzas to make up for that, and so even after demolishing popcorn, they still managed to devour ten pizzas between seven people!


After another bout of movie watching it was time for bed after a long day. Sunday was also a special day as it was Remembrance Sunday and a chance to remember all those who gave their lives in conflicts around the world, and to those Truro School pupils who made the ultimate sacrifice in the two World Wars. The service was led by the Rev and we thank him for doing this for the boarding community. The last post and two minutes silence at 11.00am reminded us all how lucky we are not to have to go to the conflict areas around the world.


After the usual hearty brunch cooked by Cath, it was time for some 10-pin bowling and we played two games at Truro Bowl. Some pins were knocked down, and some were not! Various bowling styles were on display and I still can’t seem to manage to get many strikes. There must be a knack to it, I just have not got it! That said, the boys bowled well and after the combined scores were computed the top three were as follows: in first place was Kobe with 199; second was Cyrus with 194; and third was Alec with 174.


Sunday night was taken up with some practice for the Chapel Service which Pentreve House were to deliver to the junior years. Lines were written and learnt and there were some nervous boys!


Monday morning came: the day of reckoning! And so led by Mrs Mulready and Mr Nicholas the guys from Pentreve took the junior assembly in front of the 1st to 3rd Years and they all did a fantastic job, speaking very confidently on Friendship and what it meant to us as a house. Perhaps this quote from the assembly sums it up nicely:

“True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. Strive to have friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert island. To find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune; to keep them is a blessing.”

Congratulations boys on a very good effort!


This week sees the start of our First year boarding taster packages in the house and we look forward to seeing some new faces and to welcoming them into the house.


Pentreve House