Pentreve – An Ice Skating Extravaganza

This week it was announced that we would be having a chess tournament in the house, as, due to the sudden spate of chess matches taking place, bragging rights needed to be established.  Names were put in the hat and the draw was made, and then the games commenced!


Saturday was to be the Truro School Christmas Fayre in the dining hall and with that in mind the boys were tasked with making ‘reindeer food’ packets: the idea is that you mix oats with glitter and spread it on the floor to guide Santa’s reindeer to your house – ingenious!  On Friday night, Mrs de Gruchy came to give her lesson with the EAL group and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make the packages and so we employed a conveyor belt  system and quickly 70 bags of ‘reindeer food’ were produced and the lesson with Mrs de Gruchy could continue.


Saturday came and we had the unusual system of take away brunch eaten in the boarding house so that the Fayre could be set up.  There were a myriad of things on the Truro School boarders’ stall, from hand made jewellery, to chocolate and sweet deals, reindeer food, donated gifts, candle decorations, and of course not forgetting the ‘guess how many balloons there are in the minbus’ game!  Thankfully, Mr Austin had some ‘willing volunteers’ to blow up in excess of 400 balloons with a first prize of a meal for two at Sam’s in the City courtesy of the Sixton family – many thanks to them.  So how many were there?  Any parents’ answers on a postcard please!


Saturday night was the now traditional pizza and DVD night and as usual the pizzas were devoured with gusto, perhaps as the boys knew they would be needing energy for Truro School’s answer to Dancing on Ice, the annual boarding community ice skating extravaganza at The Eden Project.  On Sunday afternoon, skates were donned, although there was a distinct lack of the kind of tight fitting lycra and frilly shirts seen on TV (I had my hopes pinned on Mr Austin, but he let me down!).  There was also time for the boarders to explore the biomes, an amazing sight.  The Eden Project is now synonymous with Cornwall and is one of the county’s most visited attractions, right on our doorstep.  You can see a gallery of photos from our weekend here.


Sunday night was then the usual prep catch up and preparation for the last full week of term, and those grades!


Housemaster, Pentreve House