Pentreve – Goodbye Pentreve Tree

This week will go down as a momentous one in the history of Pentreve House. On Wednesday evening I was sat in my flat at 10pm, Mrs Mulready had just finished roll call and the boys were in the lounge when an almighty crack resounded and I thought that something had been broken; how right but how unexpected was the truth.


It was a very windy night with some extremely strong gusts, but what transpired shocked, excited then saddened us all. At the sound of the crack I rushed out to find furore, boys were running around in a highly excited state, the language was quite choice too, and there was an air of disbelief.  Why?  The tree in the garden which must have stood at least 15 or 20 metres tall had been blown down. It was pressed hard up against the house so that the only view from the boys’ lounge, my bedroom and the boys’ bedroom above the lounge was green foliage and branches and none of the windows could be opened. What greeted us as we went outside was the fabulous old tree on its side, uprooted, forlorn and wedged up against the building. It was an incredible sight! Everyone rushed out to take pictures and see the event. It was lucky that the tree was not a couple of metres closer, or there would certainly have been structural damage to the house.


The news quickly spread about the tree collapse and lots came down to see for themselves. The end of an era!  Good bye Pentreve tree; let’s hope that some of the wood can be used in a creative way to make something lasting to have in Pentreve.


As for the weekend, Friday night was spent with Mrs de Gruchy as she continued to work with her EAL group in the Pentreve lounge, so I felt they had to have cake!  A quick visit to Tesco’s later and the boys were on tea making duty and they were all set with some very nice cake!


Saturday saw dreadful weather and the boys relaxed in the house and went to town. The weekend activity was quad biking and with the rain it was bound to be muddy, so Blackwater ATV Centre was the venue for some very muddy quad biking as the pictures here show. It was cold too and keeping your thumb on the accelerator button proved difficult, although for some – who shall remain nameless – keeping on the warm up track was too hard. Perhaps equally worrying was that the boys were continually told to get on and off the bikes on the left hand side, so I thought I would ask one of the Trennick boys to show me his left hand: he held up his right!  After all of the racing, overtaking and general tearing around the course was over guess what took place in the houses on Sunday afternoon?  Showers and washing of clothes, of course!


Sunday evening was the usual round of catching up on prep and a hearty Kath supper, leaving us all ready for another week at school.



Housemaster, Pentreve