Pentreve – good shots and bad

It has been a busy week in Pentreve with 12 new 1st Year taster boarders in the house. The garden and house have reverberated with the sound of young guys playing and having fun – always a great noise to hear.


Calum played rugby on Saturday and Eneko played football too, and as it was a Bank Holiday on Monday we decided to venture out on a trip on Saturday as well as on Sunday this weekend. Bob Warren gave us the best tide times, and so on Saturday afternoon we ventured down to Percuil for some kayaking. The weather was indifferent as we left Truro, but by the time we were ‘suited and booted’ and ready to paddle, the sun came out and it was really lovely all afternoon.


We paddled down river to St Mawes for a customary ice cream whilst leaning on the harbour wall, before taking a nice paddle back with the rising tide behind us. There were some interesting paddling techniques and I think it is safe to say that Rio in 2016 might be a bit soon for the boys of Pentreve, but Tokyo in 2020 is a definite possibility!


Saturday night was, as ever, pizza and DVD night.


Sunday was also a nice day and so we took the opportunity to attack the Holywell Bay pitch and putt course. Good shots were played, bad shots were played, and overall, too many shots were played as balls hit the fairway, balls hit the green and lots of balls went missing! Scores ranged from 74 to 144 for the 18 hole extravaganza of golf. Some boys even encountered a snake!  You can view a gallery of photos from our weekend here.


Sunday was also Cyrus’s birthday and he has now reached the ripe old age of 15! Many happy returns Cyrus!


After such a nice long Easter holiday it seemed strange to have a long weekend on the first weekend back, but of course the boys were delighted not to have that Sunday night feeling and this meant more movies accompanied by the customary visit or two to Dominos Pizza. Since we have returned to school their share price has rallied in line with their profits!


Monday was a ‘chilling’ day after another 11am brunch, and also provided a chance to catch up with prep.


M Nicholas