Pentreve – football, ice cream and pizza!

The first weekend arrived after a relaxing break and we welcomed Nico and Paul into the 4th Year from Germany. We hope they have a great time with us. Friday night was the usual round of prep and Sports Centre activities and excitement (mostly from Mr Nick) abounded as the new dishwasher was installed in the kitchen. Was there finally an end in sight to the pile of dirty plates in the washing up bowl? Only time will tell!


The weather has been pretty awful and so it was with great delight that Saturday dawned a beautiful day. The minibus was fired up and off to Perranporth beach it was for some football and of course, ice cream! There was one slight drawback: every man and his dog had had the same idea – I have never seen the beach so full of people! That did not stop the mighty Pentreve, so we marked out our pitch and went for it! What a great day.


The evening was back to the routine of DVD watching and pizza eating. There are some things that 11-15 year old boys just never tire of, and eating pizza is one of them!


Sunday saw ‘normal service’ resumed with a downpour of rain (again!), but luckily we had already agreed to go to Laser Tag at Skullduggery in Redruth, with Trennick and Malvern.


We arrived with 36 players and divided them into four teams to let battle commence. Two hours later after all had played each other, one team emerged victorious and they claimed their prize – a tube of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs!


Sunday night was preparation for the week ahead: prep and washing.


A great start to what we hope will be another action packed term.


M. Nicholas