Pentreve – a film, a song contest, and a fractured toe

The second weekend of the summer term has been a busy one for the Pentreve boys and we are struggling to accept that we are already half-way through the first half term.


Friday evening prep followed by an hour and a half in the sports hall kicked the weekend off as usual. It was then time to chill out with some evening television in the common room before bed.


Eight o’clock wake ups were needed on Saturday morning when Eneko went off to play in his last football match of the season and Calum headed to Padstow for a Bronze Duke of Edinburgh walk and overnight camp. The rest of the boys enjoyed brunch and then attempted some tennis. The strong winds soon proved too much for them however, and they opted for a group cinema trip to see ‘Spiderman’ instead. In the meantime Eneko returned from his football limping and after a quick visit to A&E we knew why: a small fracture to his foot meant a cast and crutches unfortunately, but his smile quickly resumed when I allowed him to appoint a slave for the weekend. David, on the other hand, is now plotting his revenge! Saturday evening saw the boys break with tradition when they opted to watch this year’s ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ instead of a movie. Klang and Cam joined us from Trennick and the boys sat down, with pizza aplenty (some traditions cannot be meddled with), to watch the twenty-six countries battle it out for the coveted award. Unable to resist getting involved in the action we put the countries into a hat, divvied them out and then just to make things more interesting Mr Nicholas announced that a Domino’s pizza would be bought for whoever held the winning country; now, with a vested interest things got serious! Four hours later, and with the realisation that it was not the singing but the politics and allegiances between countries that would determine the result, Niko and Austria emerged triumphant. Well done Niko!


Lie ins were taken full advantage of on Sunday morning, and then we headed up the hill for brunch. David spent the day playing golf whilst Eneko went out with his guardians. The Oasis fun pool at Hendra Holiday Park in Newquay was the destination for the rest of us in the afternoon and the boys spent two and a half hours on the water slides and in the rapids, only getting out to ensure we made it home for supper. It was then some prep, room tidying, FIFA playing and bag packing before bed.


This week will see some new faces in Pentreve when Ollie, Adrian, Alex and Drustan join us for a two night taster session. We are looking forward to showing them what boarding life is all about and we feel certain they will have a great time with us.


Mrs Sarah Mulready

Assisstant Housemistress (Pentreve)