Pentreve – Exhilarating Climbing

The half term break meant different things for the boys of Pentreve. For our UK boys and Enric and Mikel, it meant returning home for the week. For David, Shin, Hector, Alan, Cyrus and Callum, the week was spent with relatives or guardians.


The week passed very quickly and Pentreve was soon buzzing once again; the boys returned full of energy and ready for another exciting and action packed half term. The first week saw a couple of extra faces; Issac Soloman spent the week flexi boarding with us, whilst Jack Cornelius spent two nights mid-week with us also. It was a pleasure to welcome the lads to the house and we hope they enjoyed their time with us; they know they are welcome to return anytime and we hope they choose to do so.


The first weekend in Pentreve started in its usual fashion with Enric, Eneko, David and Hector attending hockey practice after school, whilst Mikel and Callum represented the school in a Rugby fixture against Helston. It was then supper followed by some prep, after which Enric, Hector, Alan, Mikel, Justus, Calum and Shin joined Mr Mulready and a couple of the Trennick boys for some five-a-side football action in the Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre. An hour and a half later they returned to the house for some TV, refuelling and relaxation before bed.


Saturday saw a number of the boys represent the school in Rugby fixtures against Plymouth College. Will Dell played as part of the U12 team at home whilst Enric, Justus, Callum and Mikel travelled to Plymouth to play for the U15 B team. All the boys were victorious in their respective matches and it is great to hear of their sporting involvement and successes each week. For the non-rugby playing boys, Saturday was spent visiting town, using the house facilities and watching DVDs. Supper was wolfed down and then the tradition that is the ‘Saturday evening pizza and film night’ commenced.


Sunday morning saw the entire boarding community come together for a Remembrance Service conducted by the Rev in the Chapel before brunch. Then it was time for the weekends main activity, indoor climbing, at Granite Planet in Penryn. We were joined by the Malvern girls for two hours of exhilarating climbing. Having spent some time getting to ‘grips’ with the knots and belaying procedures, the boys were let loose on the walls. Challenges were set and met and a lot of fun was had by all.


It was then back on the mini bus for some more Spanish ‘singing’ and a superb Sunday supper of roast pork or lamb was laid on in the dining hall. The weekend closed with popcorn and another film in the common room. The boys went to bed tired yet ready for another busy academic and sporting week ahead.


Mrs Sarah Mulready

Assistant Housemistress