Pentreve – epic racing all round!

This weekend we were graced with Daniel’s presence. On Friday, Hector spent the evening at badminton practice whilst the rest of the boys enjoyed some 5 a side football in the SBA Sports Centre. On Saturday most of the boys had rugby fixtures: Cyrus, Shin and Eneko played for the U14B team and recorded a victory over the Shebbear visitors. Mikel, Enric, Justus, and our newest addition Rory travelled away to Shebbear and returned after scoring an impressive 78 points to the home team’s 0. Saturday night was, as usual, pizza and DVD night. Tonight’s showing at the ‘Pentreve Plaza’ was 2012, an end of the world action fest. Sunday morning was a leisurely affair. Eneko spent the afternoon with his Truro City team whilst the others caught up with some prep. After picking up Eneko, we headed down to Coast2Coast for some motor madness.


As the sun set, the engines roared as drivers waited on the grid. The light turned green and the Pentreve Grand Prix was underway. Hairpin bends, power slides, spin-outs, getting stuck behind Shin – this race had it all! Epic racing all round! Podium places went to Justus (3rd), Enric (2nd) and Calum (1st). An excellent activity enjoyed by the whole house. Back for tea, prep, a quick game of FIFA and another movie. Alan also received legend status by eating everything in Fishygame. We’re going to need a bigger boat!