Pentreve – End of Term

The last weekend of the half term was quickly upon us. With the prospect of bad weather, it was an indoor option and Bombadingas Laser Tag.


Friday evening saw the usual round of activities in the SBASC after some prep. Mrs Mulready was on duty on Saturday and, without any rugby, it was a relaxed day with town visits and preparation for half term. Then the usual gorging on pizza, accompanied by a DVD!


After a hearty brunch on Sunday we headed off to Redruth to play three games of laser tag. Some were very good (Justus, Eneko and Enric) and some were not so good (Mr Nicholas!) Sadly, the team I was in lost heavily in each match, despite changing tactics several times. We hid, we rampaged, we attacked as a team, and we went solo…all to no avail!


Tuesday saw the house support the Hall for Cornwall Concert and we were treated to some great music by a brilliant variety of players and singers. Justus played his euphonium well in the Wind Band, and William sang well with the year 1 boys’ choir.


And so to the dreaded mention of Interim Reports and grades. Mrs Mulready and I have set the boys a target to have all their number grades at a ‘2’ or ‘1’ and competition was fierce between years 1-3 and the 4th years. The winning group would secure Domino’s pizza after half term, so much was at stake!!


We were delighted with the overall effort and in the end the 1st-3rd years achieved 197/201 (1’s and 2’s) to earn a 98% score. The 4th Years achieved 212/218, a score of 97.2%. A very close run thing but the youngsters were victorious by 0.8% so the 4th Years need to rally when the next set of grades are due in December if they are to win the pizzas!


A gallery of images from the weekend is available to view.


Mark Nicholas
Housemaster, Pentreve