Pentreve – Coasteering

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Having completed their first full week of Truro School life the boys were happy to greet the weekend on Friday night. The early mornings, packed timetables, afterschool activities and evenings of prep had taken their toll and the boys were ready to relax.


Friday evening supper was followed by an hour of prep and then most of the Pentreve boys headed up, with Mr Mulready, to the Sports Hall for some 5-a-side football. They were joined by Mr Lawrence and some of the Trennick lads and spent an hour and a half honing their indoor football skills. Those too tired to partake chilled out in the house, watching television and Skype-ing family.


Saturday morning lie-ins were taken full advantage of and a full English breakfast was then consumed. Saturday was to be a free day and the boys visited town, played FIFA on the PS3, watched Rugby (practiced and perfected (?) the HAKKA with Mr Nicholas) and visited friends in Trennick and Malvern. Calum went out with his Grandparents whilst David spent an hour or two with his Guardians; both were keen to return to the house for the usual DVD and pizza evening however. Supper was followed by an hour of hockey on the ASTRO turf where Eneko got a chance to break in his new hockey stick. The Mulready DVD collection was then raided, twice, and the pizza’s (three pepporoni, one BBQ Chicken, two meat feast and one spicy beef) were wolfed down in record timing.


Coasterring in Newquay was to be the weekends planned activity and so the boys from Trennick and Pentreve, together with some of the Malvern girls loaded the minibuses after brunch and headed of excitedly into the rain and strong wind for a couple of exhilarating hours of sea swimming, cliff jumping, climbing and cave exploring. The boys threw themselves into this enjoying the 10m jump in particular…Cyrus was not so keen but did allow himself to get wet!


It was then back in the minibuses and the tired boarders returned home for showers and a well earned supper of gammon and pineapple, turkey kebabs or vegetable and cheese pasta. The evening was filled with homework, FIFA, piano, television and Skype-ing before the boys finally surrendered and went to bed in preparation for another full week ahead of them.


gallery of images from the  weekend is available to view.


Mrs Sarah Mulready
Assistant Housemistress Pentreve House