Pentreve – A Very Christmas-sy Affair

This week – the final, full week of academic studies – has seen our 4th Year boys (those that are remaining with us to sit the exams) have conversations with their academic teachers with regards to their GCSE target grades. The 1st – 3rd Years have been looking through their progress/full reports, to which Mr Nicholas and I have been adding our boarding Housemaster/mistress comments.  The grade analysing has started and next week we will announce the winners. Have the 1st – 3rd  Years managed to seek revenge and win the coveted Domino’s pizza prize?  Watch this space!


On Thursday, we welcomed Jason and Kit from the Prep School for a taster session.  Even though they are a year young, the boys were not phased and one of the perks of being a little younger is that there is not as much homework to be done; this meant they were able to take full advantage of the house facilities whilst the older boys worked!  They very much enjoyed the pool table, table tennis table, PS4 and table football table and it was great to see them appreciating all that we have to offer in Pentreve.  Our boys were, as always, very hospitable and we hope that Jason and Kit will come and stay with us again; they will be most welcome.


Now, to the weekend, the last weekend of the Autumn term!  It is fair to say that this term has flown by.  It is hard to believe that it was sixteen weeks ago that the boys pitched up at the Pentreve front door fresh-faced and excited following their, for most, very long journeys.  As I think back to those first few induction days it is hard to remember what life was like in Pentreve House without James, Will, Bosco, Jonas, Cyrus, Fabian, Nils, Rowan and Alec.  During the term we have added Henry, Harry, Alfie and Ayobami to the mix and  I know I am not alone in thinking that this year’s crop of ‘Pentreveans’ (a term I am trying out) are one of the best yet.


This weekend was set to be a very Christmas-sy affair.  It started in the usual fashion with Alec playing tennis, whilst Nils and Jonas attended chess club. Ayobami went home with Harry for the evening and with just seven boys in the house it looked set to be a quiet evening.  Mrs de Gruchy came over for the boys’ extra English lesson as has become customary on a Friday night.  Basketball in the SBASC followed and then it was time for some PS3 action in the common room before bed.


On Saturday morning a hearty brunch was enjoyed by all and then it was free time.  Some of the boys visited town for a bit of last minute shopping and then it was up to the pool for a one-hour, fun, swimming session.  We were joined by Sophia, Bryony, Rebecca and Maria from Poltisco and Nikitas and Simon from Trennick.  A lot of splashing ensued, the large floats were enjoyed and it was nice to see the girls and boys mixing so well.


Having been talked into booking them tickets for the cinema the night before, the boys then headed to the Plaza Cinema in Truro for this month’s blockbuster, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.  Three hours later the boys, having missed tea due to the cinema trip, were starving (when aren’t they?).  Not to worry, I quickly fired up the pizza oven that is my cooker and twenty minutes later the boys were devouring sixteen, yes sixteen, pizzas.  The rest of the evening was spent playing on the PS3 or chess in the common room.


On Sunday morning the boys enjoyed a lie in before heading up the hill to the Chapel for this year’s Boarders’ Christmas Service.  The Rev led a lovely service, imploring us all to reflect on the past year and encouraging us to listen to our inner voice and to think about what we might choose to do differently in the future.  Carols were sung in the boarding community’s different native languages and it was great to be together as a group for one last time, celebrating just how far we have all come this term.  It was then over to the dinning hall for the last brunch of the term; it is fair to say they stocked up!


The rest of the day was spent preparing for the Christmas Party. Fancy dress outfits were purchased (well, Santa hats anyway), the speeches were perfected and the dinning hall was transformed.  Once again Cath and her catering team did not disappoint and we were treated to an array of delicious traditional Christmas foods.  There was a lot of dancing and laughter and even some tears as we prepared to say goodbye to those that are leaving the community on Wednesday.  The eagerly awaited Boarding Oscars were presented and saw Nils (most measured), Bosco (the Clandestine Supper Eater), Henry (house heart-throb), Rowan (Mr Untidy) and James (the all round good egg) awarded with prizes in the Pentreve category.  You can see some photos from our weekend here.


Once the party was over we made our way back down the hill to home and the usual routine of school bag packing, laundry sorting and getting ready for bed.  It is fair to say that they will sleep well tonight, well I will anyway!


The last three days will see the boys partake in Secret Santa present giving within their forms and more Christmas dinner eating.  On Tuesday we will be going out as a house for our ‘farewell to Jonas dinner’ at Sam’s in the City, a restaurant in town.  The whole school will attend the Christmas End of Term Service at Truro Methodist Church on Wednesday afternoon and the boys will then start to depart for the holidays.


Mrs Sarah Mulready
Assistant Housemistress (Pentreve House, Junior Boys’ Boarding)


Mr Nicholas and I would like to wish all the Pentreve boarders and their families a lovely festive period; the boys have worked and played hard this term and fully deserve the three week break.  Jonas will be sorely missed by us all and we wish him all the best for his future endeavours and we hope that he will come back and visit us some time.  For the rest of the boys we look forward to welcoming them back in January, refreshed and raring to go, ready for a busy spring term which will see us welcome a few new faces also.