Pentreve – Bowling and Pizza

Another hectic weekend of sport, prep and pizza was had in Pentreve. Friday saw the usual round of hockey practice, badminton at Penair for Hector and prep, followed by a session in the Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre. This facility is proving to be a fantastic addition to the activities for the whole boarding community as the images in the gallery will show.


Saturday has become a busy day in the junior boys’ house, as many of them have taken to playing rugby for the school. This is fantastic as the boys have come from Germany, Thailand, Spain and Hong Kong…countries not renowned for their rugby! In all, nine boys played the matches against close rivals Exeter School; Justus, Calum, Eneko, Enric, Mikel, William, Shin, David and Cyrus. It was great to see them in their school tracksuits as they headed off for their games.


After all this energy expenditure it was inevitable that much pizza would be consumed and the boys did not let me down. Even though tea was only two hours before, they devoured eight large pizzas with gusto. DVD’s were watched and all retired satisfied and, hopefully, tired!


Sunday was bowling day and we went down to Truro Bowl with the team challenge very much in our minds. Who would be on each team? Who could bowl well? Why was this important? Well, Domino’s was the reward for the winning team, of course. And so it transpired, Enric. Justus, Mikel, Calum, Eneko and Mr Nick took on Shin, Alan, Hector, Cyrus, Charlotte and Jack. It was not pretty and we beat them over the two games to win by 973 to 730. The prize? A 2 for 1 deal, a large Texas BBQ and a large Mighty Meaty for the victors.


Tuesday saw the eventual prize claimed by years 1-3 whose grades were just better than year 4 at 98% 1’s and 2’s, a target for the year 4’s to beat in December when reports are due. The prize….one guess only….Domino’s. I think if Truro School ever moved Domino’s would go out of business! Wednesday is the ‘City of Lights’ parade and the house will be going down to watch and support the huge model that Mr Meads and the Art department have made for this year.


Mrs Mulready has now gone on maternity leave and we all wish her well with the forthcoming addition to the Mulready family…another little girl, which means we might see Mr Mulready in the boys lounge watching football a little more often! Mr Pomery has stepped in to cover the weekend duty and the house is booked to go-kart at Coast2coast this Sunday.



Mark Nicholas